Lina Baimler

Born in 1984 in Kazakhstan.
Has lived in Germany since 1995, graudated from the Liberal Waldorf School on Bodensee in Germany. Studied Eurythmy at the Alanus University and after that, worked on diverse stage projects in Dornach, and in Germany, France and England. Teaches in the Ukraine. Has been working on Faust since January 2015.

Giulia Cavalli

Born in 1984 in Rome, Italy. After finishing school, volunteered on biodynamic farms in various European countires. Met Eurythmy at age 23 and began studies in Rome that accompanied in Rome work on self-sufficiency in the region of Abruzzen, Italy. Moved to Dornach in 2010 and in 2012, graduated from the Eurythmeum, in Aesch, Switzerland. Had experiences working in pedagogy. Since 2016, has worked on the Faust project with the Goetheanum stage group.

Marianne Eidsvaag

Born in 1985 in Trondheim, Norway. Studied in a Waldorf school. Has experience as a flute teacher. Studied a BA in Eurythmy from 2004-2008 at the Norwegan Eurythmy School in Oslo. Took part in the Stuttgart Fairytale ensemble from 2009-2010. After, worked as a self-employed artist in Norway. Since September 2012, has been a studying member of the Goetheanum stage group.

Angelus Huber

Born in 1976  in Traunstein on Chiem Lake in Bayern, Germany. Went to school in upper-Austria. Studied dance at the Vienna State Opera Ballet school. Began Eurythmy studies in Den Haag, in Holland under Werner Barfod and continued in Botton Village, UK under Jonathan Reid fort. He finished his studies in Oslo, Norway with a BA, studying with Margrethe Solstad. He followed with studies in Eurythmy in Practice in Den Haag and at Sekem in Egypt, under Annemarie Ehrlich. He worked in eurythmy projects in Oslo, Dornach and Vienna. His main work has been in Waldorf schools in Norway and Zürich, and from 2007-2012 worked at the Waldorf high school in Vienna-Mauer. Adult education has been an important part of his work: he was a guest teacher in a curative education seminar in Breitenfurt near Vienna, which is a teacher training center for culture and education at the University of Donau in Krems, Austria. He also has experience working with people with special needs. In 2010, he helped found the part-time intensive year Eurythmy training program in Vienna. In 2011, he was awarded the first prize from EuLab at the Alanus University in Alfter/Bonn with the Eurythmy piece, "Der kleine Muck oder die Kunst trotzdem gross zu sein" (The Story of Little Muck). He also has experience with traveling Eurythmy programs. Since 2014 he has been a member of the Goetheanum stage group.

Karin Knausenberger

Born and grew up in the USA, as well as in Germany, studied Eurythmy in Vienna and graduated in 1979. Worked on the Novalis stage in the Mystery Dramas and at the Eurythmeum in Stuttgart. She gives open Eurythmy courses and seminars. Since January 2015, she has worked on Faust at the Goetheanum.

Edwin Kobbé

Born in Bristol, UK. Studied Cello at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, in London (1995-1999). Was a musician for the Eskdale Eurythmy Ensemble and various other ensembles (1999-2000). Studied Eurythmy in Stourbridge, UK (Eurythmy West Midlands) 2004-2008. Did further Eurythmy studies at the Goetheanum 2009-2010. Has been a member of the Goetheanum stage since September, 2011.

Anne-Kathrin Korf

Born in 1985 in Salzgitter, Germany. After graduating from the Braunschweig Waldorf school in 2004, she worked as a director's assistant and actress. From 2006-2010, she studied for a BA as Eurythmy teacher at the Eurythmy Academy in Den Haag, Holland. After, she worked as a self-employed artist, transitioning from stage-projects in Den Haag and her first production, "It's M&E," an impulse from and in conjunction with "Project MOMO". From October 2013 to the end of 2014, she worked teaching at the Braunschweig Waldorf school. Since January 2015, she has been working on the Faust production at the Goetheanum.

Clara Mestrinel

Born in São Paulo, Brazil. After graduating from the Waldorf school in Botucatu, she studied Eurythmy in Nürnberg, Germany. Her graudating year was at the Eurythmeum Zuccoli and at the same time she did student work and an artistic year under Lili Reinitzer. What followed were 3 months of artisitc work in the USA with Dorothea Mier. In 2011 she studied, "Eurythmy in the Work Life" with Annemarie Ehrlich, in Holland and Egypt. She has been a member of the Goetheanum stage since 2011.

Anna de Millas

Born in Germany. From 2003-2004 studied as a ski- and snowboard trainer in Oslo, Norway. From 2003-2006 studied for a BA in Eurythmy at the Norwegian Eurythmy school in Oslo. Was a member of the Oslo Eurythmy ensemble from 2006-2007. From 2006-2008 did additional studies in music studies in piano in Oslo and Anthroposophic medicine in Filderstadt, Germany. Since 2007, worked independently as and artist and pedagog. From 2008-2010 studied a MA in stage Eurythmy at the Alanus University in Alfter. She has been a member of the Goetheanum stage since 2011.

Laura Mönkemeyer

Was born in 1988 in Gehrden, Germany. Attended the Waldorf school in Hannover-Bothfeld. After graduating, volunteered at a Camphill in South Africa for one year. From 2009-2013, studied a  BA in Eurythmy at the Kairos Eurythmy School in Cape Town. After, she worked as a freelance Eurythmist for Freunden der Erziehungskunst (Friends of Rudolf Steiner's Art of Education) and for Eurythmy lay-courses. She then studied further to be a choir director and studied three semesters of English and Philosophy at the Univeristy of Leibniz in Hannover, Germany.

Ewgenia Naumenko

Was born in 1988 in Kiev, Ukraine. Studied at the National Language University. Worked as a German teacher. Got a diploma in Eurythmy studies and spent an artistic year in Aesch, Switzerland in 2012. Has been a studying member of the Goetheanum Eurythmy group since 2014.

Heesook Oh

Born in South Korea, studied Education at the Kwangju National University and was a classroom teacher for 5 years. Was 2 years at the Waldorf teacher training seminar in Seoul, Korea. From 2002-2007 studied German and Eurythmy in Witten, Deutschland. From 2008-2011 was a Eurythmist on the Goetheanum stage under the direction of Carina Schmid. From 2011-2012 studied a BA in Eurythmy Education in Den Haag, Holland and from 2011-2013 was a Eurythmy teacher at the Waldorf school in Soest, Deutschland. Since 2013, has been a member of the Goetheanum Eurythmy group under the direction of Margrethe Solstad.

Riho Peter-Iwamatsu

Was born in Nagasaki, Japan and studied piano. Moved to Germany in 1983 and attended Youth Seminars in Stuttgart. Studied curative education for 2 years. Studied at the Eurythmeum under Elena Zuccoli in Dornach. Has been active on the Eurythmy stage since 1990 and a member of the Goetheanum Eurythmy group since 1997.

Michele Polito

Born to Italian parents in 1975, in the Northern Black Forest region of Germany. Studied social therapy and from 1998-2002 studied Eurythmy at the Camphill Eurythmy-School in Ringwood Botton Village, in England. Finished his studies with 2 years at the Eurythmeum in Stuttgart, Germany. From 2005 - 2011 was a member of the Goetheanum stage group under the direction of Carina Schmid.

Celeste Roux

Born and grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. Studied Eurthmy at the "Cape Town Eurythmy School", graduated in 1993. Taught Eurythmy and did artistic work in Cape Town. Worked on various Eurythmy projects with Ursula Zimmermann in Dornach. From 2002 – 2004 was a Eurythmist in Faust and was in the Symphony-Project at the Goetheanum. Received a diploma in curative Eurythmy in Dornach in 2007. Has worked on Eurythmy dresses at the Goetheanum and in other artistic areas. 

Rob Schapink

Born in 1965 in Holland. After medical work, studied at the Elena Zuccoli Eurythmeum in Dornach. Worked on Faust at the Goetheanum until 1999. Was part of a String-quartett program for 2 years. Was a member of the Goetheanum Eurythmy stage group under Carina Schmid from 2001-2011. Lessons at the Elena Zuccoli Eurythmeum.

Marcel Scialdone

Born near Stuttgart. Studied at the Rudolf Steiner School in Nürtingen, Germany. Studied eurythmy from 2006 -2010 at the Institute for Waldorf Education in Witten/Annen, Germany. After studies, he completed a six-month civil service. He was a member of the eurythmy ensemble, "Young Stage, Witten/Annen Eurythmy" until March, 2013. Since April 2013, he has been a new member of the Goetheanum Eurythmy stage group.

Margrethe Solstad

Born in Norway and studied to be a music teacher. Studied eurythmy with Lea van der Pals in Dornach, and thereafter, a member of the Goetheanum Eurythmy Ensemble. In 1987, returned to Norway and began development and leadership of the Norwegian Eurythmy and Oslo Eurythmy ensembles. Directed Eurythmy tours. For six years she was the general secretary of the Anthroposophic Society in Norway.From 2007-2014 she came again to Dornach to lead the Section for Speech and Music at the Goetheanum and since Easter 2011, has been the director of the Goetheanum Eurythmy Stage group.

Rafael Tavares de Oliveira

Born in 1988 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Studied from 2009-2012 at Im-Pulse Eurythmy Training in Aesch, Switzerland/ Texas, USA and Brazil. Afterwards, she worked on a eurythmy project with the Austin Eurythmy Ensemble in the US, with Markus Weder and Andrea Neither. 

Mirjam Tradowsky

Born on the Baltic Sea in Germany. After classical vocal studies at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Weimar, she completed eurythmy studies in 1994 from the Berlin School of Eurythmy and Arts. Then she worked with the stage and teaching at the Eurythmy school. In addition, she worked for 7-years as a theraputic eurythmist. From 2002 - 2004 she was a member of the Faust and symphony ensembles at the Goetheanum. Thenshe did a training year in Spring Valley in the USA, and participated in the Dvorak Symphony tour of North America with Dorothea Mier. Thereafter, she worked on the Mozart/Schnittke Symphony project and Sofia Gubaidulina's Seven Words in Dornach. From 2006 - 2008 she was a member of the Else Klink Ensemble and a lecturer at the Eurythmeum in Stuttgart. Since January 2009, she has been a member of the Goetheanum Eurythmy Ensemble, first led by Carina Schmid and since autumn 2011, led by Margrethe Solstad. 

Ekaterina Zubchaninova

Geboren 1985 in Irkutsk. Eurythmiestudium in Kiew und Oslo mit BA-Abschluss. Pädagogische Tätigkeit an einer Waldorfschule. Künstlerische Mitwirkung in einer Märchengruppe und im Else-Klink Ensemble, Stuttgart. Seit 2016 an der Goetheanum Eurythmie-Bühne.