12111 Lines

Time Period that Goethe worked on Faust:

1770-1808 Faust I  (from 21 to 57 years old)
1808-1825 Goethe did not work on Faust 
1825-1831 Faust II (from 76 to 82 years old)

Amount of Time Spoken:
approximately 17 hours

Duration of the Plays:
approximately 22 hours

Faust 1: 3 Preludes and 25 Scenes 
Faust 2: 5 Acts with 25 Scenes

Faust 1:

Dr. Heinrich Faust, a scholar

Mephistopheles (Mephisto), the devil

Margarete, called Gretchen, a young girl

Marthe Schwerdtlein, Gretchen's neighbor

Wagner, Faust's Famulus

Valentin, Gretchen's brother

a witch

a student

a frog, a brander, a sifter, the old mayor, and "funny fellows" in Auerbach's cellar

Lizzie, an acquaintance of Gretchen

Director, the theater director

a poet

Funny person, an actor

Raphael, Gabriel and Michael, three archangels

The Lord God

Spirit Earth Spirit

As well: a choir of angels, a choir of women, a choir of young men, people of all walks of life, farmers, ghosts, witches, animals, evil spirits, Walpurgis-night characters, a voice from above, a poodle, and the witch's vervet monkeys.

approximately 550 drama and Eurythmy costumes